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Developer- Anthony Casboni

Anthony Casboni is a serial entrepreneur and land developer. His family has owned businesses

and land on the south side of Chicago for 82 years. In 2007, Anthony and his brothers developed their first 12 houses under Vincennes Group Enterprises Inc. Since then, Anthony has gone on to develop several other real estate projects in Chicago and NW Indiana. Anthony is a retired firefighter, and along with his late brothers Vincent and Matthew they have a combined 76 years with the NW Indiana Fire Department.

Owner of Global Financial Services, Darryl has worked in financial project management for over

30 years. In that time, Darryl has negotiated financing for hundreds of residential and

commercial properties, as well as overseen the construction of dozens of homes and churches.

Darryl’s specialty lies in connecting clients with the resources they need to complete their

various projects, primarily within the financial field. Darryl Burton is the pastor of a small church

in Harvey, IL where he shares his passion for community development with his wife and two


VV-Darryl Photo.png

Project Manager- Darryl Burton

VV-Joe Team Photo.png

Joseph Khoshabe is the founder and president of Commercial Credit Corporation in Lombard,

IL. Joe has over 40 years of experience in private lending and real estate transactions. In 2005, Joe started Commercial Credit Corp. a non depository credit institution specializing in commercial and residential lending transactions.

Financing- Joe Khoshabe

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